Arima Boats

Arima Boats

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Do you want to enjoy fishing the Salish Seas year-round, regardless of weather conditions? Arima might be a good option for you. These boats are designed to handle the ever-changing conditions of Northern waters.

They’re equipped with an upturned bow and a high deck to keep spray at bay. They’re also designed to provide a stable, even ride despite choppy seas.

Walk-around decks make it possible to handle a fish even when it is racing in circles around the boat. Arima boats are equipped with fishing amenities like an oversized fish box, cooler, and live bait well.

Arima boats were designed to be small and light enough to be very easy to trailer behind an average vehicle, but tough enough for serious fishing even in rough, cold water. A three-mold construction process with a hull made of two layers of fiberglass with foam core between provides superb flotation.

Arima Boats

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Sturdy and Durable

Even when the 15 ft Arima is punched with holes and has 650 lb of weight on it, it still floats. The 17 ft Arima can handle 12000 pounds while staying afloat. The Arima can set your mind at rest for its safety and also handle heavier loads than you may expect. It is made to keep you safe.

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Choose the simple Sea Chasers which are sturdy enough for even rough conditions but also a fun and affordable open-air boat. Or, opt for the highly versatile Sea Ranger line, which offers a removable soft top to enclose the cabin in inclement weather and a bunk in the bow for overnight fishing trips. The Hardtop Sea Ranger provides plenty of cabin area for fun fishing even in bad weather as well as a bunk for overnight trips.

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The Arima was originally designed to open up the world of fishing and enjoyment of Northern waters even to those who only owned small cars with which to tow a boat. Today, Arima maintains its dedication to superb portability and easy storage. You can find an Arima model to tow behind almost any vehicle and store in a standard garage.