Featured Brands


Salish Boat carries a number of quality and respected boat brands to meet whatever your needs on the water might be. The boats are extremely well-suited to our local weather and sea conditions, affordable, and versatile. If you want to cruise the San Juan Islands, fish in style and comfort, get out on the water no matter the weather, stay out for extended periods, or get a very portable boat that’s easy to tow, we have you covered.

Our mix of boats range is size from 7-30 feet and includes rigid inflatables, fiberglass fishing and cruising and aluminum boats. From internationally recognized to legendary Pacific Northwest fishing brands, our selection has served the boating community of the Salish Sea for 40+ years with an emphasis on top-quality, reliable boats. When it comes to powering these brands, we also deliver best on the market with our Mercury and Yamaha.

Whatever your boating needs, Salish has a boat for you.

Boats to meet your needs

Here are the boat brands that we believe are best suited to boating on the Salish Seas. You are sure to find a boat among these brands to meet any need.