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If you want a boat to take out for a weekend, week, or even months at a time, rather than just day trips, Allied may be the brand for you. These boats are made with hardtop cabins and offer more room than their competition.

Allied boats are designed to last a lifetime, even if you give them a hard life. These heavy gauge aluminum boats can hold up to serious weather conditions. Their precise construction with a reverse chine and lifting strakes are able to get you up on a plane faster and easier so that you can achieve great speed even in rough water without using as much fuel.

Allied boats are designed to be rugged, with strong stringer designs that make them last a long time and give them superb strength to hold up to even the most inclement conditions. All Allied boats are sturdy on the water, but for extra stability in rough water, consider the catamaran model.

Twice the Load Bearing
Handle the Roughest Weather
Allied boats can cut through the heaviest chop and keep powering through inclement weather while you stay cozy and dry in the cabin. Every model features an enclosed cabin with features like a door in the windshield to allow you to access the bow quickly when you need to and get right back into cover.
Superior Safety
Why go Home?
Can't stand to end your fishing trip? With the Allied Dominator, Liberator, and Wildcat series, you won't have to. These boats provide amenities like a large cabin, a comfortable bunk, seating areas with tables, a head, and more, so that you can spend days, weeks, or months out on the water.
Save Money
Built to Last
Each Allied boat is made with heavy gauge aluminum that will stand the test of time. If you want to buy a boat for a lifetime and even pass it on to your kids, this may be the brand for you. This is a sturdy boat that can handle a few bumps and even run aground once or twice without causing you any concern.

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    For many people exploring the Salish Seas, the opportunity to boat alongside orcas is the primary mission of your trip. We recommend Zodiac boats because they are fast, seaworthy, and small enough not to bother the orcas.

    The area around the Salish Seas and the islands within it have a lot to offer, from seasonal wildlife patterns to cultural events. We have our thumb on the pulse of this area so we always know what’s going on and how to help you make the most of your trip.

    Absolutely not! You can enjoy getting out on the water without making a commitment to boat ownership by joining our exclusive Freedom Boat Club.

    We have a combined 75 years of experience boating in this area, and we believe that we know the Salish Sea better than just about anybody. We can bring you to special spots that you’re unlikely to find by yourself or with the help of another guide.